Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hello followers,
Yesterday the year 7's went to the Parnell Baths.  We learnt how to go into a H.E.L.P position, which stands for... Heat, Escape, Lessoning, Position.  Plus the year 7's did fitness, such as skulling and doing a couple of laps !!! 

While the year 7's went to have fun, the year 8's went to Okahu Bay.  They did kayaking,sailing and organising the boat.

This week our schedule is:
  • the year 8 boys are going to tech and making treasure boxes
  • the year 8 girls are doing ICT / enviro and making a desgin for the intermediate picnic tables
  • the year 7 boys are doing social studies/P.E are trying to decide there country for their project
  • the year 7 girls are going to Ms Parkinson for maori/music.  In music year 7 girls are learning about notes and beats, plus in maori we are learning the a,e,i,o,u song.
We have a softball tournament coming up on the 7th of March for the girls, and on the 5th of March the boys are having the softball tournament too.  Also, we are having swim sport on the 14 th of March.

We are going to the Goat Island on the 20th till the 22nd of march.  I hope everybody can come!!!

from room 24
(written by Seoyeon and Katherine)


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