Tuesday, 26 March 2013


On Wednesday the 20th the seinor school went to Goat Island for camp. On the way we stopped at Tawharanui reserve. At Tawharanui we went on a bush walk and had a lecture about the pests and predators that sometimes sneek past the massive fence and eat the animals that live in the reserve.

During the lecture the park ranger who was doing the talk, started pulling dead animals from his sack. All these animals had been frozen and defrosted so many times that they looked like they had been run over by a lawn mower. They smelt awful!

These amimals included a stoat thats head was coming off, a possom whose fur had holes and cuts all over it, a rabbit that looked strangly flat and worst of all a cat that had one of its ears hanging off and looked like it had been beaten to death. After the presentation the park ranger stuffed all the animals back in the sack and drove off.


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