Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Today the year 7&8 boys went to the tackle rugby tournament so the class only had 18 people, Yay! (mainly girls too which made Ms Barr's job wayyy easier). We went to the library and read in silence for an hour then we went for maths. Mr J is away on Jury Duty so we had Mrs Kumpala instead. We were doing symmetry shapes and moving on to symmetrical patterns and drawings. Also the boys had lost a soccer ball before lunch so Yoobin and I spent our afternoon looking for the ball that the boys lost - We didn't have much success unfortunately. So it ended up some of them confessing to Ms Loveday and Mrs Franklin - Smith what happened to it. On Friday we are raising money by wearing muffti for Denzal's baseball championship thing, so hopefully that will go well :)
By Sophia

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