Wednesday, 26 June 2013

5 paragraph Essay on an Animal

Speeding towards a helpless antelope, the cheetah pounces, a pounce to kill. The cheetah is very unique compared to its fellow big cats. Cheetahs are my favourite animal and always will be. Cheetahs are an impressive animal because of the speed that they can travel at, how they only live in one gigantic habitat, and also the wide variety of animals that they hunt for food.

First off, cheetahs are well known for their speed. They can run up to one hundred and thirteen kilometres per hour, but they can only hold that speed for two to three minutes. Now that is impressive. If you were to drive alongside a cheetah at motorway speed it could keep up for a bit. That’s pretty fast! Cheetahs can run so fast, it’s crazy!

The cheetah’s habitat is centred around the middle of South Africa. It is the only place in the world that cheetahs live in. They are surrounded by lions, antelopes, giraffes and even a few Meer cats. All of whom live in the grasslands of central South Africa. It’s amazing how cheetahs only live in on habitat, The grasslands of south Africa.

The cheetah’s food supply is quite scarce; therefore they have a wide variety of food on their diet, though thy still prefer because antelopes are fast and cheetahs like a challenging chase. Unlike most big cats the cheetah hunts during the day. They have black lines leading from their eyes down to their jaw. This is said to help them see prey three or four kilometres away. The large amount of food on their diet helps them survive with the low mount of prey nearby to hunt.

So basically, to sum it up cheetahs are pretty cool. With the speed they travel at, the distance they can see, heir one amazing habitat, and the amount of different food they hunt, they are the ultimate animal. Cheetahs are epic, and hopefully you think that to.


By, Campbell Jackson-Mee

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