Monday, 1 July 2013

Ayr Street Reserve

In Room24 we studied the Ayr street reserve. Thankfully, it was extremely easy for me because i just happen to live on Ayr St, so i didnt have to go very far for the answer (Not very far being the kitchen in my house where my mum was).

 Our job was to interview somone on what the water was like in the reserve in the 1960's. Again it was easy for me because both my mum and my grandmother live on Ayr street in that time. this is how it went:

Me: What was the water like in the 60's?

Mum: Pretty clean, 9/10.

Me: Was the water drinkable back then?

Mum: Yes

Me: Would you swim in it?

Mum: I didnt, but it would be clean enough to swim in.

Me: How would you compare the cleanness (Yes that is a word) in the 60's to now?

Mum Now it is quite pllouted, probably 4/10... i wouldnt swim in it or drink it.

Me: Was there a vast range of wild life around the reserve? e.g plants, insects?

Mum: In the 60's yes, but now, not so much.

By: Alex.Smith.

Person interviewed, Nicky Russell (my mum).


  1. Thanks Alex! This is a great help.

  2. This is interesting. Thanks Alex. I wonder if there was more water flowing down it too? I bet it was a lovely place to go in the 60's. It is still pretty now, but I think it showed signs of being over used. What do you think?

  3. That is really interesting Alex, where did mum live in the 60's. Was the stream alot deeper than it is now?
    Does mum know where it originated from?