Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Day 1:
On 10th September 2012 the year 8s from Parnell travelled by bus to a Rural Town Called Piopio. Our bus ride was around 2.5 hours long making stops at Pirongia and Otorohanga. At Otorohanga we went to the Kiwi House and learnt about Birds and we also went on the Kiwiana Hunt in Otorohanga Town. At the Kiwiana Hunt we ran around the town looking for answers to questions it may sound boring but it was actually very fun and TIRING! After the Kiwiana Hunt we headed back on the road to Piopio! We arrived at Piopio at about 2:45pm to see our Billets waiting on the field for us. After awkwardly meeting our billets we headed home either by school bus or by car. My billet Georgia usually takes the school bus so thats how we got home. We were on the bus for about 1 hour! Arriving home we had Afternoon Tea - Juice, Biscuits and a toasted cheese sandwich! YUM! After afternoon tea Georgia and I headed outside to feed Malca-Horse, Buffalo-Calf and Polly her dog. After we fed Malca, Polly and Buffalo we took Malca to the Horse Shed thing and put the saddle on her back and I hopped on for a ride. I rode Malca ( With Georgia by my side ) for about 2 hours around one side of Georgia's HUGE farm we headed back inside to find dinner ready. Dinner that night was Spagetti Bolognse.
Day 2:
6:45am Georgia and I headed outside to feed Buffalo, it was cold! Polly was running around jumping up and down in mud spraying mud EVERYWHERE! After breakfast we headed down the driveway to wait for the bus. After arriving at school the Parnell kids hopped onto another bus heading to a Dairy Farm.
That was a few days at Piopio :)
By Emily Peers

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