Wednesday, 5 September 2012

We have been looking at our personal journey and where we would like to go in the future.  We looked at our goals and ambitions, what would we like to do and experience in our lives. This has been an entertaining process, but sometimes it is fun to look backwards as well. Looking back over the year we have grown up and doen  so much stuff.
The mini olympics were fun. The year 8's dressed up in orange to support the Netherlands and the year 7's wore green, orange, and red to support Algeria. We all had an awesome day.
We looked at water transport in plants and learnt that the xylem transports water up and the phloem transports nutrients from photosynthesis down to the roots. We demonstrated this using food colouring and white flowers.

We made marble tracks and did a science fair.  Some of our experiments were awesome and some of them weren't that great. It was fun to have the yougner kids come down to look at what we had done.
We went the maritime musem and learnt about journeys across the ocean, we learnt how to use compasses to navigate, although if we needed to use them seriously some of us may get a bit lost.

Even dating all the way back to Wellington. This year has been one big journey.

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