Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Year eights Piopio trip by Ella Mather

This term the year eight students went to Piopio.We went to many different places during our 5 day trip in Piopio and on the trip there and back. On the way there our first stop was at the Kiwi house, it was a very educational trip but nowhere near boring. We saw many native and endangered animals at the kiwi house. Once we arrived at Piopio we settled in with our billets. We woke up early the next morning, but not too early. Our first stop was at the dairy farm were we milked the cows then fed the calf’s and lambs. The we had a good feed on the milk we just milked from the cows. Our next stop was at the Mc Donald’s lime quarry. After a quick bus ride through it was time to head back to school to meet our billets and head on home. Wednesday! half way through our trip already. But no rides for us to school today because it was FARM DAY!!!!! the day were every one just stays at home and lives the country life. For me it was the day when we went horse riding,target shooting,motorcross,feeding piglets,collecting chicken eggs and the best of all sack riding!!!Thursday. We headed off to the sheep place and shore a couple sheep. Then to our next stop my personal favourite THE LLAMA FARM! it was sooooooo much fun we arrived to see 50 llamas greeting us. The male llamas were very stubborn and would not let us pat them unlike the female llamas. After llama naming time we left to go home.

FRIDAY THE BEST DAY YET.........(what happens with the year eights on Friday stays with the year eights on Friday)

By Ella Mather hehe :P

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